Thriving AF Group Coaching Program 


"Parent coaching has been the missing piece to my parenting puzzle!!"



Your family feels stuck in an endless loop of bickering, fighting, nagging, and rage.

You’ve read all the parenting books, listened to hours of podcasts, followed all the big parenting social media accounts, and YET…your parenting doesn’t change.

You’re still yelling, you’re still using punishments or threats even though you don’t want to.

One day you feel like you need to punish your kids to get them to listen to you and the next day you let all your rules slide out the window because you’re exhausted of getting into ONE MORE POWER STRUGGLE. You are desperate for change, but you have no idea how…

Enroll in Thriving AF Group Coaching Program for lifetime access to a course designed to turn your family's chaos into calm. Benefit from personalized group coaching where you receive tailored support to implement effective tools and strategies. Plus, gain access to a private chat community for ongoing support and connection. All of this is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy.
I'm Ready To Feel Calm!

Imagine if

✔️ Your child is having a tantrum or meltdown and you could stay calm and know exactly how to help them even in their most challenging moments that is backed by the latest science and research 

✔️ You felt grateful to wake up in the morning and look forward to spending time with your family and not just getting through the day.

✔️ You could go to bed at night and not drown yourself in shame or guilt.

✔️ You finally knew how to create boundaries that fit with your unique family. No more second-guessing family rules and slipping into threats and punishments to get your kids to listen.

✔️ You had a proven road map to handle ANY parenting challenge…even the most challenging situations like aggressive meltdowns, sibling bickering, and power struggles

"I feel really confident about the practices we've been learning. It makes me so happy that I have a plan!!"


THRIVING AF Group Coaching

The Last Parenting Program You’ll Ever Need 


In 10 weeks, you’ll understand how to: 

✔Address what your child needs and the source of their challenges instead of focusing on just their behavior…no more wondering what the heck is going on with your child

Tailor all of the strategies and tools to your individual children and family! We’re done with one-size-fits-all information that is drowning you and not helping anyone

Use the developmental roadmap to connect with your children that is based on brain science and development. No more wondering if you’re asking too much or too little of your kids and HOW TO GET THEM TO LISTEN

Yes, I'm Ready!!





I live in Charlotte, NC with my husband and 3 kiddos who are 7, 4, and 19 months old.

My training comes from my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, my certification as a Parent Coach from the Jai Institute For Parenting, and my experience as a mom to 3 children. 

I have been in your shoes with little to no hope, challenging days that left me in tears, and on the constant search for the "magic guidebook" for parenting. 

The exact program I will take you through has the same tools, strategies, and support that completely transformed my family from rage, bickering, and meltdowns to feeling more calm, connected, loving, and empowered. 

I'm so excited to be your biggest cheerleader on this journey to becoming the best parent you're meant to be...let's get started!

Let's Do This!

"I have gotten so much out of our sessions. It’s so nice to have dedicated time to reflect on my parenting and research to do better. I notice patterns and talk through solutions which is super helpful."

Summer W. 

"I’ve just been so thrilled to have been a part of this experience. The tools that I have learned I will continue to carry with me through all of moments and phases that are yet to come."


Maggie S. 

"Working with a parenting coach has been the missing piece to my parenting puzzle!"


Shannon O. 

Here's What You Get When You Join:


→A self-paced comprehensive program where I walk you through the proven road map to parenting that you’ve been needing, wanting, and desperately searching for…this is not just a course, this is decades of science and research combined to guide you for a lifetime of connection with your kids and family. You’ll get worksheets with each lesson to dive even deeper into the content so that you can apply it to your individual family. 
Weekly live group coaching calls where you will get to ask questions about the content and dive deep into how to apply this program to your unique family. We’ll talk through your challenges, problem-solve, and process. We’ll also celebrate wins as you watch your parenting transform. THIS IS LITERALLY WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS. 
Connect with other moms who are on the same journey as you to becoming the best parents they can be. Learn from one another, ask questions, and support each other as we go through this journey together 
You’ll have access to me directly through the private chat for check-ins and to ask questions that come up during the program or between our calls. 




What is a parenting challenge nearly every family has? I know you're going to love this bonus 


→So many parents struggle with sleep when their children become toddlers and graduate from the crib. I have teamed up with Teaching Sweet Sleep, certified sleep experts, Emily and Randi to provide a bonus lesson on toddler sleep challenges.

Emily & Randi are toddler moms, former teachers with over 20 years in elementary education combined and are now co-owners of Teaching Sweet Sleep.

In this bonus lesson, Teaching Sweet Sleep will be providing information behind the science of toddler sleep, naps, the transition to a toddler bed, strategies for bedtime pushback, and much more.

Let's do this! But can I do 2 payments?


2 Payments of $270